Outdoor PT Sessions

As you have probably guessed by now from looking around the website and watching my videos, I LOVE running the Boot Camps and seeing everyone come together as a community to improve their physical and mental health, whether it be through the online sessions or outdoors.

I do however understand that there is also a need for bespoke one 2 one sessions too! That is why I also offer outdoor personal training sessions for those that really want to level up their game. Unfortunately spaces are limited as I can only work with a set number of clients at any one time to ensure that I can really serve them to the best of my abilities to achieve their goals.

There are so many reasons that my clients opt for Personal Training.


Even though the Boot Camps are for ALL ABILITIES some of my clients don’t initially feel comfortable starting off within a group training environment, which is totally understandable. Personal Training is a great option if you are just starting out as we can work on closely on form and confidence to make sure you are comfortable with key movements. It’s amazing how much progress can be made in a short amount of time when you create a plan specific to your needs and stick to it.


When we embark on a Personal Training journey together it all starts with GOAL SETTING! What do you want to achieve and why? Going through this during the consultation process really helps to solidify this in my clients minds. We then create a bespoke training plan with your GOALS front and centre. It’s important also that we focus on your likes and dislikes and incorporate as many of the things you enjoy as possible. Training isn’t easy BUT it should most definitely be FUN.


We all know it’s much harder to do things on your own. We also know that motivation levels rise and fall. That’s why Personal Training is so popular. It provides you with that additional support to stay accountable and on track.


I see so many people struggle because they don’t provide themselves with a structure and a routine that is actually realistic or achievable for them. The constant starting and stopping because they are putting so much pressure on themselves that any little bump in the road derails the whole process. Life is hard enough without piling on additional unnecessary pressure.


So often I see people doing training plans because they have seen their friends do it or they have seen it advertised by their favourite “influencer